Health Fund

The purpose of the Health Fund is to accept donations that are restricted by the donors for the Foundation’s use in awarding grants for genetic research and other related health projects relating to Irish Setters.

In collaboration with the ISCA Health Committee, and utilizing the resources of the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, the Irish Setter Club of America Foundation grants funding to a researcher or for a specific project that is deemed promising by the ISCA Health Committee and the Foundation and will make a positive impact on the future health and well-being of Irish Setters.

The Foundation sponsors ISCA Health Committee’s Symposiums held in conjunction with the ISCA National Specialty in even numbered years. The Health Committee arranges for eminent speakers on health and genetic issues related to Irish Setters. In odd numbered years the Foundation underwrites the ISCA Breeder’s Symposiums which present programs of benefit to Irish Setter breeders. The Foundation also sponsors, through the Health Committee, annual clinics to provide specific genetic and health tests for Irish Setters.

You can view ISCA Health Committee current research status at
ISCA Health Information

FUNDED RESEARCH STUDIES AND GRANTS through 2022 Total $1,141,000

Significant grant awards from 2002 through 2022 include:

Canine Cancer Related Research Studies $381,000
Epilepsy Research Studies $123,000
Research Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) in Irish Setters $102,000
Champion Sponsor of AKC CHF Bloat Initiative $61,000
Thyroid Testing Research Studies $47,000

Questions regarding health projects funded by the Foundation may be addressed to:
Health Committee Chair, Anne Marie Kubacz
Telephone: 732-367-9658