Irish Setter Club of America Foundation, Inc.

Established 2000
A tax exempt organization
All donations are tax deductible

Our History

The Irish Setter Club of America Foundation was established in 2000 by the Irish Setter Club of America (ISCA) as a tax exempt public charity under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3). The Foundation was initially funded with a $50,000 contribution from ISCA Health Committee funds and $40,000 from the Virginia Hardin Trust. The Foundation Board of Directors consists of twelve Directors. All are ISCA members, four of whom are elected annually by the ISCA Board of Directors for three year terms. We also maintain an Advisory Committee, selected by the ISCA Foundation Board which serves at the discretion of the Board.

Health related projects are administered through the ISCA Health Committee with the consent of the ISCA Foundation Board. Rescue and rehabilitation grants are administered through the ISCA Rescue Committee with the consent of the ISCA Foundation Board.

Our Purpose

  • Promote the public’s knowledge and appreciation of dogs in general and the Irish Setter in particular
  • Support the study of and research on diseases and genetic anomalies which affect the Irish Setter
  • Develop and make available information about the proper care, health, breeding, development and training of Irish Setters
  • Provide funding for rescue and rehabilitation of displaced Irish Setters
  • Provide college scholarships to undergraduates and to veterinary students


The Foundation welcomes donations and bequests to be used for the benefit of the Foundation. Contributions may be unspecified, or may be designated for use by the ISCA Health Fund or the ISCA Rescue Fund. Donations

Foundation Top 20

The Top 20 Invitational is a charitable fund raising event, sponsored by the Irish Setter Club of America Foundation, Inc.  The event’s purpose is to encourage the showing of Irish Setters in conformation classes, and to provide an educational experience for judges, exhibitors, breeders, and fanciers. This event will provide special recognition to those Irish Setters with the most outstanding records, as well as their breeders, handlers, and owners. It will also provide incentive to strive for Irish Setters excelling in structure, intelligence, type, soundness and good health. Full information and guidelines